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Imagine living a life on streets.No father.No mother.No family.Only stares that define disgust from people who happen to pass by.

This story “Cant get there from here” by Todd Strasser informs us about the lives of those abused,homeless and abandoned teens ,runaways and throw away kids.They believe that there is no hope.Streets are where they belong.All these kids form a tribe and together they shall stay for this is their only family.Together they fight the storm of hunger, pain ,ignorance and as days passed by danger seemed to be knocking at their door.

A catastrophe hits the tribe.The kids start facing tragic deaths……….some strangled,murdered,diseased…

Will at least a few kids survive the storm??Will anyone of the kids get a chance to adopt an ordinary happy life once gain???Will this devastating and deadly street life finally come to an end??………………or Is it too late????????

While you will be reading this book you are going to feel like you are spending few hours in the shoes of a homeless kid.As the harsh and unpleasant images are going to run across your mind , you are going to feel as if you are sharing  a character in this book.

So why not grab this book and learn more about their lives … the twist they are  going to face, the constant dangers and shocks…

who knows how you might end up feeling after reading this book.


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