Once in a blue moon

I believe that everyone in this world has come across such an incident in their lives were they are helpless and all at once every thing turns into a disaster.Every single thing seems to be really dramatic at that moment.You are just speechless about it .Like what the hell!!?

Well I don’t know about you  but I have faced such a moment in my life and it just lasted for one night.Though it lasted for a night while it was taking place it felt like ages.It just felt like this trouble was going to last forever.I totally had this feeling that I was in a movie. Soooooo…. go ahead and read what it all was like:)

The clock struck 7.Usually by this time the entire house is loaded with the toothsome aroma of my mom’s mouth watering dishes.But instead the house smelled of bitter medicine that day.I couldn’t believe my eyes ,nearly an  hour to go for my bed time. Mom was still in bed.Her entire body was aching in the morning and she couldn’t move a muscle till then.The second nightmare was that she expected me to cook some thing for her and myself.Something which I never thought of doing all my life.I went to the refrigerator to find for something which was enough for the time being. The most awful thing was that there was nothing except for a few left over vegetables.At that very second I remembered that mom was supposed to go for a grocery shopping this evening.Which was not possible.

Is there any other way?Am I supposed to do the shopping?How am i going to handle things?First of all things which I have never done!I was stuck between innumerable thoughts and had no other choice than carrying out the entire responsibility on my own.

I grabbed every essential thing that I needed and hurried to the nearest market.The moment I entered the shop I noticed a very familiar looking face near the counter.I was in a hurry and so could not make out who it was.I slowed down a bit to give a clear look at whoever it was.It was my friend! I surely didn’t want to meet her in that condition.I ran hastily and hid myself behind a huge poster before she could catch even a slightest glimpse of me.I was relieved to see she was finally gone within a very short time.I dragged my trolley all around the shop and began dropping every single thing that I needed for tonight.First of all I couldn’t miss my cereals and milk.Eggs too.It was the only thing that I knew to cook.All at once I took notice of a huge placard showing 65% discount on tunas.I quickly brought two cans.Unfortunately I didn’t notice that the cans were arranged in the shape of a pyramid and so when I took out two cans from the bottom all the cans tripped over the place and created a huge mess.Luckily by the time any one paid attention to it I was quite far from the mess.I couldn’t believe what I had done.I was mad at myself the whole time and tried my level best to keep myself from creating any more disasters.

The minute I reached home I didn’t give myself even a second to breathe before I slipped into the kitchen and began cooking.While I was trying to turn on the fire I realized that the cooking gas was over .Just one of the gas stove would work but with very less heat.I couldn’t help my mom with anything than frying an egg for her.After  the egg was ready I was about to heat a glass of milk it was when I could make out that this time the fire was completely gone.I felt awful thinking that I had to eat cereals for dinner!Cold milk!Impossible!

All of a sudden I realized I was in the conclusion of my storm but more of an embarrassment.I will and can never forget the way my mom was proud of me that night.She said that she loved the egg even though I messed up a little with the salt.It was the very first time I had done something all by myself without being a coward .


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