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                                       LEON GARFIELD.

…….street urchins..following Sam Bold’s fiery progress to the grave screamed with unseemly excitement………

They have alone seven grim years for learning  all that they have got to learn to live the rest of their lives with joy.NEVER ENDING SEVEN YEARS.Some also carry the echo of the advices and dreams of their parents.NEVER SHOULD THEY DISAPPOINT THEIR PARENTS.For this is what their parents wanted them to be.A SUCCESSFUL  APPRENTICE to a PROSPEROUS GROWN MAN.

The writer Leon Garfield brings about a new harsh tale of a different apprentice in every chapter.Every chapter will take you on a tour through the streets of old London in the eighteenth century amidst the freezing winter of Christmas nights and the doomed dark to the midsummer….which will tell you how these apprentices used to once live their lives.In their seven harsh years the apprentices have got to learn all the trades of the city.Most probably as a lamplighter,a midwife or a pawnbroker.or……..

The poor apprentices happen to experience peculiar things while they work.They happen to witness all the delights and all the horrors of that time.

INTRIGUE,ROMANCE,MURDER……………….All at once unfamiliar happenings begin to strike these apprentices.

A short note on the author.
Leon Garfield won the Carnegie Medal,the Whitbread children’s Book award and guardian Children’s Book award for his novels.

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