She approached me and gave me a thumbs up.(thumbs up meant friends in my school)”will you be my friend?” “okay”

After that we never left each others side.No matter what she was ready to risk all she had for me.She did what she could from the time she was a preschooler that was when we first met.Many lovely memories we lived together which I will cherish forever and after.So many Laughters…….Lame jokes…….Tears …….Smile….Dreams….Stories…and songs we shared together and loved forever.Promises that we will never break and the hugs and kisses that we always gave with all these the memories that we always made will eternally remain taped to my heart.She holds a very special role in my heart and life.No one can and will never be able replace the position she takes in my heart.She is my friend for life and after life.A friend for whom my love will never die and will always grow no matter how far we get from each other.She is my light in the sea of darkness.The only person next to whom I feel there is no fear in this world.

Something happened…………Tragically we were drifted apart due to some reason.But I will never forget her and how important she is to me and how she is present in each and every memorable moment of my life.And I strongly hope that she understands how I still feel about her and how I miss being next to her.I pray to god that she never misunderstands me.And I hope that someday we will get to stand next to each other for more than a second and start every thing all over again.

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