So comforting…So amicable….So warm..So cosy

The finest of the best places in the world to be in is the arms of the person you love the most!!:*Sometimes I just feel like running away and have myself held in the arms of anyone in this world who wills to hold me tight and let me lose myself for sometime.I really really do love hugs like so so much.From time to time I find myself engulfed in this weird desire of hugging….HUGS AND WARM HUGS I JUST LOVE THEM SOOOO MUCH!:)

Actually hugs are really really very comforting…specially when you are very hurt or in pain..(all kinds of pain)At such a painful situation,the time when you feel like you need someone to lean on how soothing….how refreshing must anyone feel.

Loving hugs is something that anyone does but then I am just too insanely obsessed.Now let me tell you guys something horribly stupid about myself.It is something that I do when I feel like hugging.Usually when I don’t have anyone around my giant comfy teddy bear is the best thing to run to but then when my teddy too is not Ammmmm I hug myself..actually visually it is funnier!;8



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