THE BIG FIVE..and my darling of them all!:*

Yeah the big fiveee…its the big five of my family!unfortunately I am the fourth one in my sister clan.Having  three extraordinary elder sisters above you .NO WAY LIFE IS NOT EASY!all my sisters are like chameleons.LOL. Its because their character and the way they behave everything switches from time to time. Despite of all that they are my only light in the sea of darkness.Yeah but I do hate them at times and love them sometimes.

But it is obvious that  I have my favourite sis out there who has so much in common with me.What ever happens however it may happen it always includes the two of us.It’s like we are meant to be together.Forever.We share clothes, moments, secrets and what not??? When we are together our mouths have to cross their limits.No one can dare staple it!The stories we share have no end line.Gossips and gossips and lame stuffs and silly matters and what not have we have got to share.Like every single thing.So many charming moments we dipped into and so many memories we left behind and just want to live it again.So many people entered our lives together and just escaped with a wink of our eye.Yet we are happy and we have to be.Because as long as we are together sharing the same room and little world.We should be happy indeed.

well……’s not that we don’t quarrel.It’s not that I don’t lose my mind and it is not that she does not lose her temper.Yes,all those stuffs take place.It’s natural.But its always fair and it dies within minutes.Because I love her and she means a lot to me.Besides all that she is one of those people who make my world glow.I don’t think that’s all I have got to write about my pretty and adoring sis but this is just the quarter of what I have got in my heart…because I can’t mention every point lets end it here.


Thanks for reading my post.Please keep reading:>:).

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