That day was supposed to be the most blessed and ecstatic day of her life.It was a day when she shouted out her orders and everyone would  lend a hand to fulfil it.That day was supposed to be her day.From a whisper to louder and faster’BIRTHDAY GIRL!BIRTHDAY GIRL!’

With the chant she thought that it was another of her most memorable birthday.She loved the feeling.She loved the birthday hymns that every one was going on doing.She loved the hugs kisses and all the blessings.

MORE…………AND MORE…………..

She was finally enveloped with joy and happiness.Not a single minute to think of something other than joy,laughter and cheers.


A lightning flickered in between the endless charm.It took her more than an an hour to realise all that she had was now shattered to pieces.She fell apart.Her heart sank.Her body was trembling with fear and agony.She could feel a tide up roaring from her eyes to break on her spotty and chubby cheeks,that was bubbling with laughter few minutes ago.But now all that was left was a dead smile.It was the day of judgement only for her,the girl who had glowing eyes with delight and non stoppable smile.She was going to be doomed………………………………………………………..

Now she knows,she knows very well the reason behind everything.The reason behind the doom,the lightning,the shock,the pain and the scar that has settled in her life.She knew the reason behind the shower from her eyes.The shower seemed endless.

She looked at the bratty notorious and spoilt girl.Who was the reason behind the tragic story of one happy girl.

But it was too late. Now every one knows and every one also knows that she might be related somehow or the other.Because that innocent girl!No WAY!!

The evil queens of her fairytale was triumphant in their jobs.Not did they just destroy her single day but her birth day.

Till today the girl remains unhappy.All she can think of is stabbing herself when she gets the flashback of that horrendous moment.She never thought of any kind of vengeance.She remained silent and watched how each of the evil queens jumped into dark pits from which there was no coming back.How they devoted their lives to danger unknowingly.But the girl who was bruised never told a word.She was all by herself and trying to live a happy normal life like any other teenagers.She knows the past is past and she knows that every one loves her ,cares about her and has a strong faith in her.Now it is her turn.It is her turn to control the tide.

Growing up means preparing for more .Now she has to rebuild herself and stop crying like a kid.

Yet all she wants is to go back and erase the scar.But a scar is a scar.The scar will remain forever and the nightmare will always haunt.

Only if she overcomes them all she will surely be victorious.

A year and a few months has already passed.Ask if u want to know more…………………………..


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