Did i just realize something or ??….What am i doing?……..What am i talking about?

Well……actually I think I got it!Its me and my emotions.So highly spirited that I forgot that I had already spent five hours dwelling in the most awaited moment…

Finally the decades(2 weeks of exams lol) of tension,torture and ache came to an end.But not to a definite end but to an end..

Its over.Peace,happiness and freedom can take over now ,but for how long only god above knows….

A day will land on my door step when once again I will be needing to soak my self into that hideous schedule…EXMAZZ WILL NEVER COME TO AN END AND IT JUST WONT …SO, I THINK IT’S OK AND DO NOT EXPECT A LONG TIME WITHOUT EXAMZ BUT JUST TAKE THE FEW DAYS OUT AND LIVE IT!enjoy like it is your last day and don’t deny any fun!

Because today I just finished with my last exam. And I have no stinking holiday tomorrow but school. So I decided to attend it but take a holiday on Thursday so it will be like three days when you connect it with the weekend! 😀 taaadaaa!

Yup that is my way! 😉 I wonder how you make yours….and yah I am damn tired as hell..my head weighs like 10000 tonne lorry right now!LOL!This is because its aching…

Hmmmm maybe a little sleep will do but I wont!I don’t sleep during evenings. 😛

what ever that’s it for now. Thank you very much for reading this and keep reading because you should!HEHE……



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