I love imagining things. Yup the cheerful things that let me or give me a reason to carry a smile on my face.Those enchanting moments?me and you?or those great big dreams in another place?

If reality can’t bring me all that why should I wait?Why can’t I just imagine and be happy.Why can’t I just picture my self soaked in happiness and joy and charm?

Let it be and let me do it how I want.Reality is so dull and dark.Not a pinch of happiness that I crave for but the unexpected ones.It does not satisfy my needs to be honest!How long should I wait for this to take place or even that?I give up!I don’t believe in patience and hope!I just cant! you can call me patient less and an animal if you want but I swear I give up…..If situations won’t let me believe then why should I?

I know and I get it that I must work hard and achieve it.Try my level best to make my dreams come true.Not just sit there and dream……

I know it will never happen because it shouldn’t! It just shouldn’t.,,,,,,,,and so I will forever keep dreaming with grief but yet be happy because at least it does happen somewhere….


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