Winter break and Christmas is on! :D

Hello people. Winter break is on and I can feel the cold running down my spine and turning my nose into a red cherry as I am writing on my blog and besides pinching and stretching my nose with tissues constantly which is because I am sneezing non stop!

Well that is one of the best news and the second is Christmas is knocking at the door.The streets and houses not leaving  even a single corner is vibrantly garnished with white ,green and red lights and flora.How beautiful it looks.The alluring scene is breath taking.That moment when I gawk through the window to give a look at the bright street lights and all that beauty of the season wrapped together.It is so attractive that I just cannot stop beaming and dreaming.So beautiful.

Well I am not a Christian but I do love Christmas very much because my religion teaches me to love and respect every others and by the way I don’t see any harm in enjoying Christmas.It is simply charming,fun filled and a day soaked in immense love and joy.My religious festival which is Eid  I should say has a lot in common for example sharing the happiness and presents ….?



YEP! he will come through your chimney. XD

but make sure your chimney is big enough or whether you have one? 😉



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