Someone in my dreams?

Hello guys!!

Hope everything is running really awesome.

Last night I had this very dramatic and awkward dream.It was in such a mess.Actually dreams don’t take place in just one spot,the scene keeps switching and it is insane.The one I had last night was a complete disaster. In a few of the scenes it felt like a complete nightmare and the one that I had last of all before I could feel the sun rays slapping my mouth was the one I wanted to live in like forever and never let go.OH GOD!!

It was so enchanting.I couldn’t believe what my dream lead me to.I felt an emotion I never felt before and with the person I have never seen.And the funniest part is that I don’t even have any clue if that person exists.Well,maybe  because it is only a dream and every one knows that dreams are dreams and let them stay where they are but I really wish to at least meet that person.I REALLY DO!!!

Words can’t explain how I am feeling right now.Was I dwelling in heaven for a few seconds??

I remember myself blushing non stop and laughing so hard during that moment or should I say that charming and ravishing seconds of my other life?Everything was so PERFECT.The more the scenes flash across my mind I feel worse.My mind just keeps feeling darker.

I think I should move over those thoughts and just leave dreams where they must be. 😥   And sorry for sounding like a complete crazy human.It’s just me and my next sorrow.


Shaima A.R


2 thoughts on “Someone in my dreams?

  1. Perhaps the nerd part of me wants to say that dreams are just the putting together of our thoughts, but as a writer, I think they have the potential for turning into amazing stories. – Day from Night Vs Day.

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    1. Hey there ! 🙂
      I think you are so right and yeah of course they are amazing stories.Which is one of the reasons why i turned mine into one of them.. 😉
      We can simply create our own way..


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