2015 – 2016 Bloggers Winter Awards

Yuki's Dreams

So if its okay with you guys, I’ve decide to host the 2015 – 2016 Blogger Winter Awards or the BWA for short. I thought it would be appropriate for me to host it since Yuki means Snow and Happiness since I bring joy to myself jk jk

So all you gotta do is simple, nominate people for each category. If your one of the winners you’ll win a prize (don’t rush me on making it though).

I’m having fun with the categories I’ve created

The categories are~

1.) Funniest Blogger

2.) Most Active Blogger

3.) Most Food Obsessed Blogger (LOL)

4.) Creative Blogger

5.) Most Hard-Working Blogger

6.) Lazy Blogger (:P)

7.) “Will Write A Book” Blogger

8.) “Will Make Millions Some Day” Blogger

9.) “Will Be Famous” Blogger

10.) Most Music Obsessed Blogger

11.) Best Fangirl Blogger

12.) Most Fantage Obsessed Blogger

13.) The Self-Claimed ‘Loner’ Blogger

14.) The…

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