We are all infinite!

With everyday I get to taste the various kinds of flavours of the wide range of spices in life and the great big universe.

I get to feel different people’s attitudes…it’s weird how it differs from the other so much.

Each one of us posses unique and exceptional abilities, qualities and what not.

People have various kinds of demands, various attitudes, various choices and various characters.

The unsocial ones are the hardest to get along with.

The evil and selfish ones never win. They are the ones who carry loads of flaws which they never tend to accept and regrets amidst which they will be floating for eternity.

The ones soaked in pride…well tomorrow they will face a mass failure and loss.

Although for some even a half of a quarter is more than enough but for many even a chamber full of treasures does not meet a whit of their demands.

There is a variety more but to be honest it is infinite.

It amazes me..it really does.



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