Your love is all I need.

And when you smile I lose all track of time…my world splits into two….explodes with bright light and vibrant glows.At that very moment I some how realize that I am completely soaked into you and am captivated by your magnetic spell that I can never forget to think about even for a second.With that enchanting smile you hold me not only closer to you but trap me in your arms until I feel the sweet warmth of you.My world takes a sudden turn whenever I am around you….for you,your love and your smile I could give up anything and love you unconditionally…because I believe our love is stronger than any..I love you and only matter what people say or think….you are mine and I love you.Simply you!And your presence makes my life better and better and I think you should know that I look to every new day only because of you.Only because I want to view the better that keeps taking place in my life with having you my love…OUR LOVE ONLY KEEPS GETTING STRONGER…and that is greater than anything else.Our love is infinite.. ❤ ❤


(just to make sure I never felt that way for anyone yet)

Shaima .A.R.



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