Spirit animal blog award!!

Hello  beautiful people!!

How are you guys and how is everything passing?? I hope it is really very good.

So now I am going to announce this stuff with gushing and exploding excitement and joy that for the first time I am nominated for some thing and it really means so much. 🙂

http://itsgoodtobecrazysometimes.wordpress.com/  and http://myirrelevantthoughts.wordpress.com/ . Thank you both so much from the core of my heart once again for nominating me. ❤ 😀

All awards have rules and as this is an award that follows all rules, it has a couple of rules of its own. And these are :


1.Once you’re nominated, add the picture to your blog.

2. Write a short description about yourself and what your blog means to you. Oh and if you were an animal, which animal would you be? (No buzzfeed answers please).

3. Nominate 10 other bloggers to do the same.


I am a 14 year old crazy kid with every insane thoughts in my mind.I have four sisters and being in between is the reason I get screwed all day.I live in Oman which is in the Middle East and I hope you know this place.Its is very charming. 😀 .Well I am not from Oman but I was born and still living here.Soon I will be moving to USA.My leisure works are reading,writing,watching movies and singing as well as listening to music which is very important for me. XD ! You can call me Shaima and that is my only name unlike most who have many.I love food alot! Including animals!cats are my great obsession and One direction too. ❤ .For me my blog is a place where I can freely open up my heart and express everything that I just can’t with words.And besides it is like my diary..My eldest sister was the one who led me to this amazing blogging world!And I believe that no one has the right to judge another no matter what and every one is beautiful in their own unique way.

A horse because my siblings call me that all the time and I don’t know why.. :’) And secondly because it was the first option in my head.

Nominations are :











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