Juat wanted to share this again..

A Shadow Of Serenity♥.•´¯`•.¸¸.•..:*´¨`*:.☆

t is dark.It is grotesque.It will creep upon you and watch how you die.How you cry and fall to your knees..How you bleed to death.How you initiate to abominate yourself.You lose yourself and you don’t know where.

“Where am I?….What am I doing?..I suck!…I shouldn’t live..”            Innumerable terrifying thoughts even worse than these begins to glide across your mind..worse than a chasing phantom they are.

As it begins to poison you it watches how you choose the wrong decisions,like you only want to self harm and see no other option other than that.When hurting and attacking yourself becomes the only shimmering light and your guardian angel…..*THE WRONG THOUGHTS*……*THE NASTY THOUGHTS*..It relaxes in a corner and watches how you pass away.

This is pain.This is agony.This is wild misery and torment.It ruins you!Your life!

Maybe it is a kind of tornado??But not the one you see…

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