Haiii my dear friends!  *waves*

How is every thing flowing?I really do hope it is great.If you ever need any advices,help,or got something to share I am always right there waiting for you to do it and please drop it in the comment box 🙂 ..

Lately things in my life have adopted a gradual and sudden change.I have no idea about what I am doing and whether the decision I am following is the right one or not.Or maybe nothing has changed and it is just me who is noticing too much or.. WHo Knows? …Every single thing is like totally fucked up!

The best news amidst all these puzzlement is that InshaAllah I will be moving to the beautiful and charming USA!! 😀 !!!

YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Guys you wont believe the happiness that has doomed over me since the day I heard about this and more over I am going to live there  for ever.

Once upon a time I believed my crappy and boring life will never alter.I used to pray for a change to fall upon it all day.Now I see hope.I see that there is going to be a difference and the one I never actually thought of.Like ever.Oh…I wish I could express the feeling that I am floating through these days.

This USA thing has provided another route to happiness and that is I don’t have to take my classes seriously as I am anyway going to repeat my year 9 after I fly there soon.So now I am quite busy with with getting my TC papers and all that..Just preparing for the leave.

And hopefully inshallah next month we are going to the country which I visited once in my entire life time that is Bangladesh.We are going to spend two months there before heading towards USA.Yeah once..and that is because I was born and brought up in Oman yay!! lol

Anyway I am really crazily excited that I am going to meet my cousins and all that..I really miss them !! 😀

So that’s it for now.Thank you for reading my post patiently so far.Hope you enjoyed it!  ❤ ❤

Till then ..

Take care

Enjoy your life

Stay happy not crappy

You are beautiful

I love you

All the love

Shaima A.R


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