Nightmares and its aftermath.

That moment or should I say that minute when you realize that there is no turning back now.You are living in your worst and the most grotesque dream ever..

There is no relief room to room to space to shout…not a single loop hole at all…

What would you do?.Where would you escape?.Where would you look for a guardian?Your path,your light?Where is the aid?

Every now and then you can sniff danger.Something terrible,something dark with dread teetering at the edge of panic is sprinting towards you.You finally believe that there is no turning back now and  you got to face what is coming by hook or by crook.

Out of the blue when  the lids of your eyes turn and that relief,that happiness,that peace that you undergo is so hard to express!!

So unbelievable and contrasting it is and you wont let yourself dare see darkness again.You wont turn the leaves of yours eyes this time in the fear of meeting it all.

That moment when the bright white ray of hope pierces the pitch black darkness of your view it all begins to make some sense.You jump out of that pit with your heart in your hands and your eyes bright open.NOW! Now is the moment.Now is the relief.Now is the happiness.Now is what you were looking for desperately the entire time in your dreams.That moment is so inexpressible.Words can’t explain its value.

In the darkness of your room as you hear the others exhaling and inhaling deeply,your heart starts thumping even louder.It takes like ages for you to realize that you are back to life.The fear will eat you..The darkness will kill you.Scarier than a ghost it remains lingering behind you.Your dark thoughts and fear has become your shadow now….

Every now and then the horrendous flashbacks of the nightmare drifts you to that dark corner.Although you fight bravely to forget all that has happened and agree that it is all just a dream.



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