Not every girl wants to be a princess!

I ain’t the kind of girl who would prefer tiaras and being treated as a princess running in heavy and trailing gowns in a world soaked with pink and girly colours.It all makes me puke. -_-

Now lemme give you an insight of my daily choices and what I prefer .It is all going to reflect me and the kind of person I am some what! 😉 😛

I would always go for :

Snapbacks over tiaras or crown. (wpid-obey-tumblr-pictures-2015-2016-6)

Boots or mostly converse (large1)

Colours like red and black! they are my addiction!!



Skinny jeans rather than frocks and skirts and all that.

Band tees and shirts all the time. Or at times long tops are a must because my mum loves them -_-

My jewellery collections are black, black and black ..(a few of my collections CIMG3738

Being a warrior or a rebel is something that lies within me.I just love it and it really rocks soo much!!!!.Yeah tomboy is the title given to me by many.

I  had this weird experience few months back when I was looking for this very spiky bracelet and it will obviously not be found in any of the girly shops but the ones for boys and so while I was walking through the place I was the only girl there and so engulfed with the guyish stuffs.It looked and felt quite awkward at first but later I pulled my over girly sis with me and felt a lot better.The man who worked their reduced the price of the bracelet for me as he found me to be a very loving customer shockingly! XD

That’s all…Thank you for reading!! hope you enjoyed it!!


All the love



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