On my holiday.. :D

On 15th of March me and my family flew to Bangladesh for spending our one month holiday and it will come to an end on the 14th of April .Which obviously means I am still in Bangladesh.It is so hard to find WiFi around and so I didn’t get the opportunity to access the online world which I missed damn much.I literally felt as if I am soo freaking backdated! LIKE TOTESS.!! ugh :X .Life without internet and wifi and all really sucks.

On the other hand I met all my loving and fun loaded cousins who did turn my over bored life excessively vibrant and I am still floating in its ecstasy!! OMFG I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!!! Every minute second I spend with them seems to pass in fun,fun and funnn..lolll..I am in a really crazy sate of mind right now and moreover I was supposed to take and break and relax right now here in my elder sister’s hostel .Yeah she studies here and is a final year medical student.Her exams just came to an end 3 days back and now she is completely idle.So meeting her and having a joyous tour together finally being 5 sisters but not 4 was another very awaiting moment.

The rides that we have in the cars here are terrible!! ugh! Omg the air is highly polluted and sometimes I wonder why did I ever come here.The land as well is extremely polluted and the country is still developing like hell!!Any healthy person will surely fall sick in such an atmosphere.Despite of all the odds the scenic beauty of the villages and the endless greenery that envelopes the land of certain places of this country brings about a few reasons to fall for it.

I had lots and lots of green coconuts which is my favourite!!! And various delicious sweets and cultural food like pani puri ( I am not sure about the spelling but that is the way it was spelled in the menu list XD )

Overall I must say I enjoyed the most being with my fabtastic cousins and they are the best and the best.I can’t stop thinking about them and all the charming moments that we created together.I just wanna go back and live it just once more.. X(  Who knows when is the next time I am going to meet them.Moreover I will be migrating to USA towards the end of May inshallah with the aim of building a glorious future.And that will harden the chance of visiting this faraway land.

I believe there are more stories to come and for which I just cannot wait!!

Anyway thank you guys for reading.I deeply hope it did not waste your time and was worth it.

Stay happy not crappy.

Remember : everyone is beautiful in their own unique way.


I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ :* :*


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