Guys please, please give me a solution to this pain in the whole world!!!

I am locked out of my yahoo account although the email address and password is totally accurate.What on earth just happened!!! UGHHH!! I FEEL LIKE MURDERING EVERY ONE AND EVERYTHING AND BREAKING THE LAPTOP SCREEN LITERALLY!

Please my lovely friends help me out of this bullshit as fast as you can!!???I cannot resist this torture that is happening any more because I am locked out of one of my favourite site as well!

Waiting for your replies.

Thanking you.



9 thoughts on “I NEED HELP IMMEDIATELY!!

  1. Here are some things that happen when I forget my password: I am using Caps Lock and it is not bright enough to notice. I am automatically capitalizing when I shouldn’t be. There is also “i forgot my password” but what they do is email you the new password which you can’t get to because you are locked out of it in the first place. If you have an iPhone or iPad you might be able to use the mail app, which often forgets you are locked out, and use the “i forgot my password thing”. There is also the unlikely incident that you have a virus which temporarily reassigned your keys. Just keep trying, and make sure that you can see the password you are typing. Just in case!
    Good luck!

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  2. click forgot password and see if it is infact the same password/go ahead and change it to something easier. Never fails.


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