A love so true,so powerful..

Into a world so dark,enveloped with mist , bruised with torture and painted with pain,he walked through it with a heart evaporating with deep love and valour.He bravely fought all the turmoil and tornadoes that were playing in her decent heart and mind.He destroyed what ever produced her sorrow and all that stole her smile .He altered all the agony that dwelled within her bones to ashes and blew them away.He buried the immense darkness and brought up a new life within her soul.With his adoration and care he wrapped her with the warmth of his love and protection that made her feel soaked within his love and sight.All the scars and all the distress were erased by his tears and struggle.
He gave her a new life and taught her there is always hope.She finally now believes that she is living like anyone else with charm.She learnt to smile and that was all he craved for-to see her smile….
Isn’t it purely beautiful how he stepped into her life and lightened it up with his love.So real and so powerful is his love for her that it burns with fierce power in his her heart.

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