A Tragic life story.Maybe mine?…


A dark curtain has enveloped my life ever since
It’s because I always expect more than I deserve
The aftermath later pierces my soul
All I am left with now is shattered pieces of glory
That keeps bruising me even more
What have I done?….
And at this moment this dungeon has nothing to satisfy you
What is life?…..
What is this temporary killer that has loads of dagger to keep stabbing over and over again?……..
I am falling,failing and dying……
But I am the happiest person alive to so many
Thank God I am a pro at faking smiles!
There comes a joy who loves ditching me and
Planning her interchange with sadness.
I am over! I swear!
It is a cycle to be honest……
How weird can life turn out to be?
How distressful can it be?
In this war torn field even blood begins tasting like sugar.
Life isn’t a bed of roses my dear.
Wake up.
I am sorry to burst your bubbles but I am trying to save you.
I am still hunting for my spot in this world.
And I am sure this isn’t the end of my tragedy
Every now and then a catastrophe hits my globe
There is yet more to come.
More to strike and attack.
They are hungry
The bad guys
The evil guys
And they are coming for us.
Every now and then their troops shoot and  take away our strength
They come with a sack and pack every whit of your happiness…
What am I supposed to treasure now?
Tell me?
JOY where are you?
Come and save me
but there was no reply
though I smelled her fragrance
I think I couldn’t reach her
It was my fault.

I am too engulfed in dark thoughts that I missed my chance to bring back happiness…
Anyway I am very used to being ditched by her
So I closed my eyes and gave up.
No beauty in me.
No faith.
No hope.
Just a random loser
Who is digging for a role
in this temporary drama.


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