For Harry….

Eyes so bold

a heart of gold

never met him ever before

but always felt his presence around my soul.

A voice that will melt you,

a smile that will bewitch you

and what else should I say about the looks?

Still adorable like the very first time

when my eyes noticed a person to never stop dreaming at.

Was only a kid who who used to be a 3rd grader

then you came out of nowhere ,

Suddenly I learnt addiction .

You came with an army of one direction

and I followed like you are my only direction.

A group of boys fluttering like butterflies around my mind

lead me to a brand new life

“An obsessed directioner”.

But you shone brighter then the other bright lights

because you are Harry Styles.


To me you are just one and only

and to you I am one in a million

You are different

Your are unique

You are loving and so sweet!

In your heart flows limitless generosity.

You will always remain as a heart-throb

and I will forever fight with my girl friends about you.

In the end I have the only those 3 words for you

That I guess you are tired of listening to

I don’t really care even if you do

I love you …





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SASH!! <3 <3 Forever and always :* :*

Bonjour! :* :*

Hope you guys are doing super great.

Few days back I experienced such athrilling night out with my freinds.It was the first and the last time we united out of school .By the way I  believe I never spoke about my squad here 😛 !

We named our bff group as SASH. Namely Shaima (me) Aliya,Supti and Hira.That’s how we came up with this cute name :* .And we have many other code names for each other as well 😀 .Mine is little devil.Funny but I guess it suits me.We named one another based upon our character and attitude.Isn’t that cool??We have got friendship rings,bracelets and keychains!! What not? ❤ ❤

Now let me jump to the point.We planned our meet up in some gigantic mall.At first I was really upset cause one of my bestie was like she wasn’t coming and another was like she will be very late.Turns out that they were literally lying  and their trick really worked on me.I actually cried when they texted me.To be honest they arrived at the venue roughly 2 hours before me.LOL!! I LOVE THEM!! :* :*

Then we played super deadly rides that almost killed us!! It was fun though.My scarf almost fell off my head and got tangled up and stuff which made the scene even funnier.HAHAhh! Then we went bowling where I won!Yipee 💪💪!!I really loved the bowling part as well.As we are not professionals in it in the least bit it was really funny and we gave our loser moves.But we tried and kept dancing with the good mucic there !AHhh.. I wanna go back!😝😝😝😝 .Later after one of my friends left quite early we played air hockey which was much fun too. 😀 😀

After all that games and stuff we settled down for dining.I wasn’t in the mood of eating but anyway they  had MC donalds  and I had MC Flurry oreo.😏😏😏 Soon after that I had to leave because my dad was in the other corner of the mall with my mum and was desperate to leave.

I couldn’t believe it was the last time.Seriously? Leaving already?it all took place in just an year and ended as well? Ok lol this isn’t the end but I have got to leave and that hurts.I  only wish that this bond will never die.

“I guess the next time we meet Inshallah we are going to grown up women and having cars and stuff.Oh wait we will always finish our studies most probably..yeah lol I wish! ..Ahh I can’t believe the car part..yep me too..I can’t believe we wont meet at all..anyway bye!!………******……******* ”

Those were the last words…

IMG-20160520-WA0002(supti and and Aliya)

IMG-20160520-WA0003(ME AND SUPTI)

IMG-20160520-WA0006AIR HOCKEY

IMG-20160520-WA0011(ALIYA,SUPTI,ME AND HIRA ❤ <3)




Teenage minds or maze?

Our minds are a complicated maze

We feel like everyday is the end of the world

If we can’t achieve at least a singe thing that we dream about

We call life hell!

If we fall down once

we feel depressed

If we are ditched

we feel like the universe is against us

Teenagers choose to suicide

every now and then.

We don’t want to give our troubles a second thought.

We blindly ignore second chances as if we don’t believe in it.

At a point we regret over our clumsy attitudes

and that’s when it all hurts even more.

Little did we know we have so much life ahead of us.

We are only teengers nothing else.

We have so much more to endure as well as enjoy.

So much more to learn.

How much have we learnt that we think we can make our own decisions already?

Pick a gun and wish you had a bullet?

Take a knife and dare to stab?

I just want to die! so leave me?

I know what I am doing.

Yeah I am aware that you know a hell lot of things because you have become a teenager

I feel the same way…

But yet sometimes I question myself when will I achieve my independence?

That’s when I realize I haven’t been given the rights just like other teens are given.

I crave for it from time to time

but it’s so hopeless.

Once upon a time even a tiny piece of candy used to satisfy our thirst

for happiness

But as we grow up our demands ascend.

I am not talking about that exactly

but I am trying to emphasise teenage minds

Teenage is such a stage where many of us get diverted to different paths

And its hard to return from that path later

This stage is a very crucial stage and when we make decisions

we don’t understand what we are doing.

And later it effects us very much.

It isn’t easy to be honest.

Even though i know so much,

most of the time I am lost in space.




I am so sick right now…

Bonjour!!! *waves

Hello every one! How are you all? I deeply hope everything is super great.

Packing,selling,shifting…ugh I am sick.Totally!

Every day I wake up doing count downs.From today I have 22 more days.During the midnight of 3rd June I will have to bid adieu to my country,my beloved Oman,my home.All the people here who mean the world to me and every single glory that I am going to leave behind will naturally be unbelievably hard to ignore.This feeling of leaving is already pricking me every second.

On the other hand I am evaporating with excitement and enthusiasm.A new life and a new world is not bad.And USA is a beautiful country so I am going to love it.

Packing is truly bothering.It’s not me who packs but what bothers is my sister’s useless temper after packing a luggage halfway.I am already done with packing my little stuffs in my backpack.They are my books,diaries,shades,ear phones,few stationeries and I guess that’s all.hmm I might pack some chips later.I will have to sit in the plane for 12 to 13 hours and that’s going to kill me because I am not the kind of person who can stand or sit in the same place for more than a sec.LOl that’s what my mum says.

Right now my ears are aching hella much! UGhh it’s the right ear and I think it’s because I was using the ear phones very frequently at high volume. :/ 😕 Ear pain really sucks !

Goodbye to my blog too.After June 3rd I don’t think I can get to access my blog until we settle there perfectly with wifi and stuff 😥  .So I am going to miss you all damn much .It sucks! TOTES.

Pray for me my beautiful people so that I will inshallah land there safely and get to live a good life.It really is scary.A long ride is awaiting.

This much for today.Mum’s calling but I want to write more.

seeyaaaa! ❤ ❤ ❤


Shaima A.R