I would never let go…

In a golden field as I was running bare-feet the jolly grass dancing below constantly tickled my feet until I ended up rolling over them.

A cool zephyr flipped my dark brown hair every second forefront the relaxed fireball and spreading the sweet aroma of roses all over the green blanketed place.

So peaceful and dreamy is the place.

Every field showcased it’s immense beauty with colour patterns.The place consisted of vibrantly coloured, fresh  and pleasing smell of flowers,soft golden field of dried grasses. There were horses grazing peacefully all around the filed.The hills seemed as if someone spilled green paint over them.

“A day well spent can never be spent alone”

Their crossed fingers with mine as we were dancing in circles singing around a lonely baby bush.”

Our silhouettes reflected a bunch a of wild and crazy girls with  floral tiaras on our head.As if we were  madly dancing in the club and the sun was our disco ball.

Chasing horses was one of the best parts.My first ride ever took place.But then in my universe.

We fed the horses and I took control of the white horse.Lucky me! While racing with my squad I literally fell off but due to the joy that I was floating through the pain was buried.

We were shepherdess as well.You wont believe it! We were chasing the sheep up and down the hill for fun but the second when one of the angry and huger one tried pushing my friend we got the signal to end the chasing game.

Our sun-drenched bodies reflected smooth and shiny metallic figures in the pure blue stream that separates every beautifully garnished fields.

The cool, pure blue and shallow stream was a green light for non-swimmers like me.We spent almost an hour by dipping our waist amidst the coolness and our faces tanning on the soft land.

The chirping birds & the soothing breeze forces me to dose in it’s beauty.The softness of the grass and the addictive perfume of captivating flowers gave me the essence of home.The free animals strolling around made this place look even more peaceful .What’s more the butterflies were fluttering the story behind this place and inviting more of them.God’s (Allah) creation is so breathtaking.

Leaving aside the every day hectic schedule and the townish trauma from the very first breath I pictured a wonderful and warm country scene.The only place that can satisfy my thirst.

Though I didn’t get to live in such a moment I yet felt peaceful because I was amazed at how my mind could think of something like this.This was a miracle.But it wont remain that way forever for I have the rights to change it to reality if I want to and inshallah I will.

This place will put anyone at awe with its glorious beauty.It really exists as you all know.Far away in the country side of not any random country but I would pick America,England or New Zealand.There is a greater probability that I will be able to experience it in USA.



Few pictures that has quite alot in common with what you have read above..

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6 thoughts on “I would never let go…

  1. I truly hope you get to experience a natural place similar to what you’ve described here. Being in a green, wild paradise is like no other feeling on Earth.

    Also, this is very well written: you seem to have a natural talent for this sort of thing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would firstly love to thank you for reading my blog and taking your time to even comment.It means a lot.
      You are right.A green and wild paradise truly gives a special feeling that can be compared to no other.I am so glad you understand.My siblings found this post of mine hilarious I don’t know why? :/
      Thank you again. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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