I am so sick right now…

Bonjour!!! *waves

Hello every one! How are you all? I deeply hope everything is super great.

Packing,selling,shifting…ugh I am sick.Totally!

Every day I wake up doing count downs.From today I have 22 more days.During the midnight of 3rd June I will have to bid adieu to my country,my beloved Oman,my home.All the people here who mean the world to me and every single glory that I am going to leave behind will naturally be unbelievably hard to ignore.This feeling of leaving is already pricking me every second.

On the other hand I am evaporating with excitement and enthusiasm.A new life and a new world is not bad.And USA is a beautiful country so I am going to love it.

Packing is truly bothering.It’s not me who packs but what bothers is my sister’s useless temper after packing a luggage halfway.I am already done with packing my little stuffs in my backpack.They are my books,diaries,shades,ear phones,few stationeries and I guess that’s all.hmm I might pack some chips later.I will have to sit in the plane for 12 to 13 hours and that’s going to kill me because I am not the kind of person who can stand or sit in the same place for more than a sec.LOl that’s what my mum says.

Right now my ears are aching hella much! UGhh it’s the right ear and I think it’s because I was using the ear phones very frequently at high volume. :/ 😕 Ear pain really sucks !

Goodbye to my blog too.After June 3rd I don’t think I can get to access my blog until we settle there perfectly with wifi and stuff 😥  .So I am going to miss you all damn much .It sucks! TOTES.

Pray for me my beautiful people so that I will inshallah land there safely and get to live a good life.It really is scary.A long ride is awaiting.

This much for today.Mum’s calling but I want to write more.

seeyaaaa! ❤ ❤ ❤


Shaima A.R







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