Teenage minds or maze?

Our minds are a complicated maze

We feel like everyday is the end of the world

If we can’t achieve at least a singe thing that we dream about

We call life hell!

If we fall down once

we feel depressed

If we are ditched

we feel like the universe is against us

Teenagers choose to suicide

every now and then.

We don’t want to give our troubles a second thought.

We blindly ignore second chances as if we don’t believe in it.

At a point we regret over our clumsy attitudes

and that’s when it all hurts even more.

Little did we know we have so much life ahead of us.

We are only teengers nothing else.

We have so much more to endure as well as enjoy.

So much more to learn.

How much have we learnt that we think we can make our own decisions already?

Pick a gun and wish you had a bullet?

Take a knife and dare to stab?

I just want to die! so leave me?

I know what I am doing.

Yeah I am aware that you know a hell lot of things because you have become a teenager

I feel the same way…

But yet sometimes I question myself when will I achieve my independence?

That’s when I realize I haven’t been given the rights just like other teens are given.

I crave for it from time to time

but it’s so hopeless.

Once upon a time even a tiny piece of candy used to satisfy our thirst

for happiness

But as we grow up our demands ascend.

I am not talking about that exactly

but I am trying to emphasise teenage minds

Teenage is such a stage where many of us get diverted to different paths

And its hard to return from that path later

This stage is a very crucial stage and when we make decisions

we don’t understand what we are doing.

And later it effects us very much.

It isn’t easy to be honest.

Even though i know so much,

most of the time I am lost in space.




10 thoughts on “Teenage minds or maze?

      1. It can be very hard for everyone to accept those things, no matter how old they are. After all, emotions don’t follow the rules of modern logic. So I’d recommend trying to be patient with yourself, which I know isn’t always easy either!

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