Hello….it’s me?


I highly doubt if you guys have any trace of my existence in your brilliant minds yet.

I know it’s been decades since I LAST BLOGGED! gosh I my self am very devastated over it.

The problem lies here.NO WIFI!!! wifi is like my fuel.Expect my life and body to be motionless without wifi.After moving to USA that’s exactly what has happened to me.I have no clue when we are finally going to connect this frigging wifi in my hOUSE!!

At present I am sitting in this super cool library called ‘Lansdale public library’ and accessing the computer that has obviously got free wifi.This place is like my dream spot.It has infinite marvelous books.Every book makes me wanna scan them entirely  in just a single blink.They are so attractive 😀 😀 .At present I have borrowed Lockwood and co the screaming staircase,Summerlost by Allie Condie and Acceleration by Graham Mc Namee(really loving this one).

I don’t know when the next post will be coming but hope you guys will be waiting for it.I think I will visit this place very often as it is only 7min away from my house.Which means that my next post will hopefully arrive in a couple of weeks!





13 thoughts on “Hello….it’s me?

  1. Hello beautiful you! I didn’t know you were moving to the US?! I hope you get wifi soon, it’s usually very available there. I’m in Canada so we are neighbours now! Which state are you in? ❤ Good to see you back to blogging! 🙂

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      1. Yaayy!! That’s great! You are on the east side of US and I am on the east side of Canada in Ontario 🙂 Welcome to North America sweet girl ❤ Yes I'll read the post you sent and give my feedback 🙂 You are adorable!!

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  2. Do not fear, I have not forgotten about you! I figured your lack of post was related to your recent move, as one can expect challenges when moving to the other side of the planet. Welcome to the US!!

    Also, how are you liking Pennsylvania? I live one state over in the northeastern region of Ohio, so I’ve been to Pennsylvania a few times. I love the hills and tiny “mountains” there!

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    1. 😊😊
      A MILLION THANKS to you for been so understanding and supportive ever since finding my blog.😊😊 So you live in Ohio?That’s wonderful and the scenery really is picturesque here👌👌.Every thing is so good so far!Also the weather is very beautiful.


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