It’s a lonely road..

One after another,

Day after day

and second as it passes

I am beginning to realize

an unfortunate bunch of things .

Sharp as pins,

as every word pours into my ears

leaving deep and painful scratches.

With every letter they drop ,

My dreams keep getting vaguer.

Far and further away it’s moving

as it is blindly escaping out of my grasps.


Words like , “they are going to judge me to death”, “I am not afraid” echoes across the vacant halls of my head.

And what not does the anxious and depressed mind ponder about?

I am afraid ..There, I finally admitted it..

What else am I to do?

They say you have to be so damn popular,

The queen,rich girl and all that show off vibes is highly demanded.

Well, I don’t possess any such qualities.

Aims of being a rich princess was never a my kind of thing.

Speaking of popularity, ‘YES’ I really was one of those “Popular Princess”

Back in those days when my style inspired many.

I am still the same person but the environment.

It feels like the universe tilted upside down while I am yet standing on my ground.

Firm as ever in my own position.

(I feel like the salad in the middle of a giant burger.All compressed and sweaty with pressure.)

Amidst all these people where I am the only odd human

It isn’t anywhere close to easy.

I’m really undergoing shock right now.

I never dared expect life to be damn easy

but I never expected it to be exaggeratingly hard either.

They say ‘oh you’re never going to be judged but now I see’.

JOKE! UGH……….Drama ,it really is.

I keep promising my self “I’ll never back down”

But where is the guarantee?

The guarantee is nowhere.

I will just shut my mouth and most importantly my mind and follow my destiny.

I used to think following your destiny is good but leading it is best.

The truth is I’m lost.

It’s time I start packing my guts and at the same time never forget to be me.

It’s time to bring on the change and also keeping in mind “be you”

I don’t know where to commence but my only hope breathing is ‘prayers’.

And the rest?

Let me give it a rest.



21 thoughts on “It’s a lonely road..

  1. You have an admirable power with words and I found this a very emotive read. I hope you start to feel happier soon and I am always here for you if you need.

    By the way this is Alex! I took a break from blogging and I’m really sorry for not reading your posts recently. I just thought I’d pop by to see how you are, your blog seems to be getting better and better!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. What a beautiful comment dear lovely Alex.Thank you so much for understanding.I truly love it.You just reflected your beautiful nature.I really did miss you but you don’t have to apologise for not reading,Take your time and relax.Thank you so much.Just when I am starting to lose hope you stop by and save me with some kind words.That really feels so good,Thanks again.
      Love ya!
      xx tc

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m so glad I helped a little! Never lose hope, you are a wonderful and kind spirit. Thank you so much for the advice about taking breaks, that’s exactly what I needed to hear.

        Sending lots of love your way!


        Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s very kind.Hmm so I was doing a big follow spree.I was checking out one of my favorite bloggers post and there i found you as one of the likers.Then I went through your blog.Liked it very much.And TAAA-DAA! 😀 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I believe in compassion and kindness toward everyone, and it is those shady individuals that need it the most. Oh, okay. Cool.:) I’m glad you were able to find me, and enjoy Flaggfan very much. Thank you, again.


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