Life’s perils.

Life comes rushing towards you out of immense darkness.

And to grace this invitation ,tags along innumerable intriguing perils.

Making decisions to dig through this is the grossest ever examination.

The people ,the choices,the decisions,time and place.

If you play a little clumsy with one of them or even try being unworried.

That’s where you are doing your mightiest error ever.

Even when you burst with confidence

It all turns out to be a disappointment.

No doubt it all is a trick.

Its best to always have moderate confidence everything.

Average and moderate.

Neither too much nor too less.

Somewhere in between.

That’s the best place.( My kinda advice)

I don’t know how your story might turn out to be

And the brave decisions you make.

If you have were triumphant in your life lessons.

Then thumbs up for them all!!!!

And I wish you a million good luck for the upcoming wild storms in your life.

Don’t lose hope.

You will find your path eventually just like you did for the rest.

But don’t miss out hard work! 😉 😉 Duhhh XD



Shaima A.R


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