When I was little I thought that our world was a place where anyone could be anything. Turns out that reality is far beyond messed up.

Every race, colour, religion, ethnic and the various other beautiful God given forms we were born  with fit together like a complicated jigsaw puzzle. Too many kinds, too many shapes and sizes and what’s more but in the end we are all connected to one another. With a single kind mislaid the entire globe seems incomplete. To make the world a better place we need to educate ourselves about the value of every individual. Because the good that we are starving for can only be fixed if we come together and understand who we really are.




We belong from all around the world. Beware if you are taking these words simply. Every day will prove you wrong about all you know. Mingle with people. There is no harm in getting along with people and stalk them if you find his personality hidden behind a mask. Try and remove the mask. If you are so bothered about a stranger then get to know him or her before being rude and stand with your false views. But don’t shoot harsh expressions and reply kind smiles with nasty scouls.Why would anyone do that? To be honest I am speaking about my own experience.I literally faced all that. Being just hardly 15 years old I have learnt enough about the world by surfing through the web for a couple of hours a day and travelling on streets for few minutes. I face the worst times of my life. But because every day is a new hope I ‘try’ and dust all the bad that ever happened and give my best. I will smile and try spreading love by being a Muslim even if half of the people reply rude stares to that. Because when they do that I don’t burn with wild energy but my heart withers and my world explodes. I feel weak and hopeless. But that split second when people are nice to me I feel like hugging them and never letting them go.They just make my day.All the stares that we have to endure every time we breathe the outside air are ok for us. We will accept it cause no option. People these days have a disease of staring.Every one of us stare at times that’s ok?I have that disease too.







Speaking about terrorism the worst creation ever. They neither have religion nor humanity in themselves. They are beastly creatures that plan to cut ties between nations and religions. They starve to see chaos between religions and that’s why they name themselves MUSLIMS! They scream Allahu Akbar and practice burning sins. And then you think oh yes these bad guys are really Muslims and ALL Muslims are BAD. My dear brothers and sisters these guys are going around killing your family and bombing our families too and I am so sorry about all the tragedies. Few weeks back our religious place was bombed on our Beloved Prophet’s Masjid (Mosque).Now tell me are they Muslims. No religion teaches violence. It is irresponsible to go around labeling every Muslim as Terrorists. WE must understand that. We must stick together.Because their dreams are to see the world fall apart and everyone against each other. Muslims as the root of every hatred. Deep down that is what they are preaching.

Yesterday a couple of guys passed me and my sis on our way back from the library .They exploded out laughing at us saying ‘who are they?’..At that moment I wished I could just pass away in peace. I don’t want any more pain. I don’t want to be laughed at anymore, receive scowls in exchange of smiles and all that fearful stares. Seriously??? What did this kid ever do to you? All these incidents are what is stimulating me to write this post. I have never written such a post. I wish I could paint these words on the surface of the universe or at least on the walls of the streets. And show the people of the world that we Muslims are not bad. We love you and have been taught to adore and respect every one of you. We have no grudge.

The more we try to understand one another the more exceptional each one of us will be. But we have to try. So no matter which religion you are, from Muslims to Atheists you have to try. Try to understand the other persons worth and what he is suffering from. I should feel free to shout Allahu Akbar in the crowd and not expect people to run away in urgency and fear. Try to make the world a better place. Look inside yourself and recognize how the change begins with you. It starts with me. It starts with us all.

That’s all I can say and I don’t want to say more because none of us are pure souls but we know what we must do to be one. I hope it changes some minds that have thought wrong over the years.And I apologise deeply from the core of my heart if I have written anything wrong.

Please.Let’s stop the hate. I am just a kid and I want to enjoy my life to the fullest. I don’t want to face hate vibes and feel insecure everywhere I go. Earth is our home. We share it. Earth has no religion or gender and so we have no rights to sweep any kind of people from the face of the Earth.

We have no rights to judge anyone by their gender, or religion. This is why we have a day of judgment when we will be judged by the Almighty Allah. And on that very day he who really is bad will receive the worst punishment that no human mind is capable of thinking about. Our job is to preach love and dungeon hatred.


With this I’ll end it.Stay safe everyone and have great days ahead.








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  1. I read … and read … and read . . . All true and sad, the whole lot! I agree with you you can’t fight fire throughing petrol on it … it has to be water! ( if you get what I mean? ) I hope you have the time to read mine! Don’t let religion or politics steer your lifestyle let God guide you through… have faith not religion it’s a difficult subject, but where there’s a will … ther’s a way! Love and peace.

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    1. I would like to thank you instead from the core of my heart for reading this in the first place.It truly means a lot to me.You sound like a very generous person.I am definitely following you and i am so fortunate to find a blogger like you.
      All the love,


      1. No, Shaima. It really must be you. And I’m not going to lie and claim to be a delusional peacenik, though the end result would be nice. I’m a hardcore, right-wing Zionist — just to prepare you and give you fair warning. I don’t pussyfoot around, and I don’t accept the status quo. You won’t like what I have to say. I do really love my ex-husbands, daughter, though; an Arab living in Israel. But, I’ve stated that I would really like to hear those Muslims decry the falsity of the terrorists — but to mean it, and not just to be a lie for the sake of advancing the ummah. I only know, too well, the effects and the thoughts of the Islamic “world” toward the Jews. It can’t be refuted. But, I hope you’ll go to the MUSLIMS to prove your point; western culture is, by law, (supposed to be) tolerant. We no longer allow dhimmitude. Your answer was really sweet. That gladdens my heart. Now that we’re tentative/reluctant, but appreciative pals, know of any ways to get an imprisoned Baha’i man out of Iranian jail, put there because of his faith? This is, apparently, no joke. Sorry to bother you with this…


      2. Muslims and Jews should be and are friends, they may be reluctant friends, but they’re friends. This world is full of people who are equal, regardless of their religion or race. I hope my point reaches you.

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  2. Don’t listen to randyjw, I know how it feels to be a Muslim with everyone thinking that I’m a horrible person. Thanks for giving your opinion on life :> I appreciate it.

    With love from a fellow Muslim, Nada N.


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