Love at first sight.

A glistening encounter with the mixture of love and miracle during that moonlit night is a memory that she will forever cherish until the day she feels loved by the man of her destiny.

Walking solo across the dim segment of the park and trying to enjoy the night although that day was one of those lame family day out.”Let me have a peace of mind and think about something apart from all the assignments up in my chaotic mind”, she thought.

At some point she felt quite uneasy and wanted to fix her scarf in the reflection on her cell. Not very far away she noticed a couple of guys walking just few inches away from her but too close to pass her because of her steady motion. Perfectly waxed dragon hairstyles and yeah hot! One of them looked a little too flirty while the other somewhat polite from some angle she considered. Her regular habit of “describing” if she ever comes across a dashing teenager ,guys or girls .Except she felt a very strange pang that very instant .But the view was way too blur and so she couldn’t make out much. At least she was a clever girl and quite shy. Never glances at guys by looking directly but has every cute thought behind. But she was the kind who didn’t get slayed down with attractive moves and all that magnetic smiles or at least reflects them on her expression. “Nope I will never show you that I just got carried away or even if I did I don’t care. I can dust away all that notorious intentions from my mind. My mind isn’t bombarded with such thoughts”, her dialogues when it comes to love. Rejecting every single proposal at school with confidence, she is one of those darn ‘single and proud’ women.

Within a minute of noticing them both and “dusting their presence and cute looks” there poked a voice. “Whoopph rock it girl” ugh what a cliché she thought. One of the guys winked at her polite smile that she produced by pressing her lips together. But something else occurred at the same time. The vibes were flowing straight away from the other guy .The one she called polite from a strange perspective. It was him that her body felt different about. Something special. The pang she felt slightly a couple of minutes ago exploded throughout her body now. She began to feel so warm. His eyes directly into hers like he was staring at a fallen angel and the look on his face from the previous laughter morphed into a nervous love struck expression. That miraculous eye contact slowed down the night. It felt like the universe bursted with bright lights enveloping their surrounding with its power. All that was left in their eyeballs was the reflection of each other’s soul that was awashed in love. It was a tragic scene of how he was struggling and try to speak out but it looked purely like his lips were stapled together and it was just too much for him to do. He looked like he lacked the energy to even part his lips from the mesmerized distance. All his energy drained out with that one stare that hadn’t lasted even more than minute seconds. So intense was the feeling that his friend ended up nudging him and wrapping his arms around his shoulders and dragging him to move on.

“Is this the end ?”she questioned herself as she stood there still. As of that split second when the miracle commenced till a couple of minutes passed since he was forced to leave she stood there still, all alone in the same flushed look and positioned under the moonlight that was pouring down on either of them. But now only on her chilling soul. She felt cold and alone. Like she gained as well as lost a big part of her in a single moment. She felt so numb and paralyzed. It occurred to her that whatever  heavenly occurred a few minutes back was unreal. Just the trick of the eye. But every time her mind gets stolen aback she quivers from what had now turned into an unbelievable memory.

Finally when she dared turn her head from her paralyzed position only slightly she spotted him looking for her with rigid desperation. This time he was with a gang. They must’ve been planning on something great but his eyes were hunting and his mind was elsewhere. Then he found her but again while he was about to rest his eyes to calm the lust towards her .She did her best to turn her eyes away. There was no point of stressing those feelings she thought. Just a night and only a couple of seconds what difference does that make? It was going to hurt anyway. His friends were forced to bang the sense into him when they caught where his eyes were fixed. Laughing slightly they took him away. So far away..This time they never met anymore. The eyes were crying to see him one last time but it was over. Oblivion. It never happened before. Just another teenage trauma. But it wasn’t anything that she would die for or have around every day. It was too different.

She was very much aware that if they were meant to be destiny would bring them together. But although she can’t read her destiny it already hinted her on that very night that he wasn’t the one. She can picture him with his girlfriend enjoying his time. She can bet with immense confidence that he has no memory of that night. Falling in love was an everyday matter for those guys. That night, years back, seems more like an intriguing and a little too magical event in their lives. Although she is obvious that she remembers every whit of that night because she never found love to be this beautiful. But he must’ve. And there was no doubt in her mind about that fact. Ears still flash red when the mind drowns in that night’s memory and every time she thinks of it a breeze from that very night containing his strong and sweet fragrance comes lurking around her.



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