Dark & Bruised.

Speak no more.

My mind’s numb with a blue sore.

High hopes lost growth

Now I am a lonely soul.

It’s no good that I am drowning and losing myself in the far depths of such a dark and gruesome ocean of thoughts. These thoughts are impure. Fear them for they come whirling around your soul like a hurricane and shredding your flesh apart in to bazillion sharp pieces and smearing crimson liquid around.

As I say, “I am literally black and blue”.


18 thoughts on “Dark & Bruised.

    1. Hello! Thank you so much! Your comments as always are the best 😀 .
      I was so busy recently.I can never explain how much.I was going through a lot of difficulty during this leave.With new school and stuffs.All I have to say is moving is difficult 🙂
      Thank you again.
      Take care

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