Autumn’s tale

A familiar chilly zephyr crawls up your spine passing a quiver across your body.

Your nose gradually morphs into reddish pink.

The fluffy ,white sun burnt clouds allowing the depressed set of dark clouds to substitute their jobs during their leave.

Gloom slithers in the air.

The green begins to pass away and multi shades take turns in the environment.

Sorrow and grief sinks over mother-nature.

Parents forced to give up their lives leaving their loved new ones.

Which of course can’t be visible to our eyes but the one who loses something can feel it in the depths of their heart .

Something is calling.Something so pure and decent.Something that will be blooming soon.

Leaving them all alone mourning amidst the eve of spring  is the worst scenario their parents can think of.

But it happens……because it has to……….

Their bereft parents rustling and struggling to reach them for once.

Until layers and layers of soft ,white crystals blanket them and settle them into a sleep so comforting and so cruel.

Autumn leaves fall down like pieces into place

feeling broken and helpless

and  we are left blinking at mother-nature’s diverse beauty.


May the dour environment of autumn fail in devouring all the happiness from your soul.


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