Don’t you feel like slamming all the doors and locking yourself in your room at times.

How else to handle that screwed life.

Just pull out the bed sheets and bang all your stuffs against the wall until all you have is fine dust that satisfies you.

Scream like a savage creature and release deep sobs in the dark.

Doesn’t that feel like the only living escape at times.

Shatter the window pane and see the fresh,crimson texture on your arms and legs.

What an insane relief!

Every dark and heavy tear that rolls down the cheek carrying the remainder of smudged eyeliner steals away some of the ghastly pain that the heart would just stumble and fall if it holds on to it any longer.

As I say,”I am slowly giving up”.


2 thoughts on “Corrupted

  1. But as always…you won’t give up…
    You’ll go and cry yourself to sleep and tomorrow will be a new day…
    And everything will remain inside…hide somewhere deep in the heart.
    “I’m strong…i’m okay” you’ll say…as you go and do your everyday stuff…

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