Now I see it.

I looked up at the dark blue ocean,

a million twinkling white gems smiling down at me

as white crystals began to shower over my head.

For the first time ever,

I saw,felt and believed in cold,white objects that descend from the sky.

So immense was the feeling.




10 thoughts on “Now I see it.

    1. Snow is so fun! I actually cannot wait to build my first snow man! 😀 😀 Hahah I absolutely agree with you.Snow has so much beauty!And yes this is my first experience with snow but every one was like this is not even snow.It’s just nothing.So I cannot wait to see the “better snow”.But you are lucky you lived in such a place 😀

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      1. Snow is gorgeous 🙂 If you live near a park or something like that, you must go for a walk in the woods after a big snowstorm! But remember to be careful! Cold weather can be very dangerous, so it’s important to dress warmly. Snow can also make traction difficult for cars, so it’s critical to take care when driving in snowy conditions. But nothing is more beautiful than hiking in a forest that’s covered in snow!

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      2. Yess.I can’t wait to! and by the way I walk to school so I might be lucky enough to enjoy it on my way too 😀 .Yea my mom was pretty worried about the driving part.She gets over tensed all the time.Thank you so much for your advice 🙂 .We began to shop for the cold already.I think I am ready..kinda 🙂 .

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      3. I’m glad that you feel ready! Tell your mom that the most important way to drive safely in the snow is to drive slowly. Some drivers will get impatient and try to pass her, but they can deal with it. It’s also good to accelerate slowly and give yourself extra time when stopping, because slamming on the brakes during snowy weather can cause a car to lose traction. It’s also important to make sure to use all weather or snow tires during the winter. But she’ll adapt! Over time she’ll get better and better at driving in the snow 🙂

        As for shopping for the cold, the best clothing material for winter weather is wool. It’s much warmer than cotton and it doesn’t lose much of its insulating properties when it’s wet. It’s also naturally fire resistant. On the other hand, if cotton gets wet in cold weather it makes you much colder. But wool is also heavy, itchy, and looks kind of funny. So you probably won’t want to use it unless you’re going camping or spending lots of time outside.

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  1. Oh my God! I wish i could re live the moment i saw snow for the first time…but living in a temperate zone where we have winter it.s imposible not to see snow from when you’re born
    I really love snow and i’m fascinated about it.
    Im so excited for you!!
    Enjoy! ^_^

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