BONJOUR PEEPS!!! ❤ ❤ 😀 😀 😀

Let’s invite 2017 and January after another round.

Welcome 2017!!

Let us all set LOVE free and prison the HATE.

May God shower your ongoing days from this year until eternity with the best of all he has in your life! I hope you will find sprinkles of laughter and ecstasy lurking in your path ahead. Start your day with a smile and end it with one too.Relax through every hardships believing in better days. Every end is a new beginning. Let us turn the other side of the leaf and give ourselves second chances.Oblivion the past,bury the worse and work for the best.If you hope for the greatest and struggle for it there is no doubt that 2017  will gift you with packs of glory.




*Haters gonna hate


Spraying showers of love to all of you and New year’s greetings,








Farewell 2016

I gathered a couple of crippling  and dying stems of burnt roses that were battling the last seconds of their lives and left it near a stone.

Painting RIP 2016 on the stone and carving my name right below it using the professional cursive handwriting that I was born to draw in and pasted a sticker of a bright emoji from a long time ago next to it.I tilted my head as I was glaring at it’s weirdness and let a slight smile crawl across my stern cheeks.What a contrast to the somber and tedious atmosphere, I thought.

A truculent whirlwind possessing others mourning memories came with a strong gush and blew my soulless roses.Shredding them apart and grinding them into ashes.It rustled through the place and then left me lonely near the stone.

I laid next to it and shut my eyes that were battling oceans.

What have I buried? Maybe myself who is tired now.I have no energy for the ride.It was pretty long.Just too much.


Does life care whether it is 2016 or 2020..Does God care? ..Nope..It’s just our thoughts.

Life goes on.And it does not new or old years to make it happen.

We just grabbed some days and nights and labeled them into days,weeks,months or years.

Now I hear and see people talk and write about a New Year.Who 2017? Okayy cool!

They say we have , “365 new days and 365 new chances”.

But every year ends the same damn way!

The same stories , the same endings,the same lessons,the same pain,the same happiness,the same freaking cycle!

To be honest that is the beauty of life.

Live it to the fullest because you never know what tomorrow brings.

2016 in my journal was ridiculous.I just have one word, “ridiculous”.And the rest ? Allah knows.

I travelled from country to country.

Jumped from across the Atlantic into a gigantic and scary melting pot.

Met the most ………………… people of my life. Oh my god that was hard.I just don’t know what word to put there.I have no words to explain how amazing these people were are.So I would leave it.I don’t want it to describe them too less.I met real friends and had to leave them.I just met them for months and you wont believe the bond!! It all happened so fast.

I  lived in moments that I never believed existed.

I grew up so much and learnt way too much. – “GROWING UP IS A TRAP”

Lost…..Lost and lost. The best 3 words I can use to describe my 2016.But when you lose, you gain.And I believe that.Now I am wondering what good God had left for me.To be honest there is so much.I am just drowning in the negative too much that the evil is not letting me taste the good.I pray to break free from the evil and see 2017 with a much clearer view.

I experienced snow for the first time ever.As well as continuous rain and the sensation of seasons.I have always seen the beauty of seasons on TV but now I could finally touch it.(I moved from a very hot place where summer was basically the only season of the year …well it did have some kinda winter 😛 )

I had to leave my birth-land , its beauty , homeliness, love ,people .

You know what guys , there is more.But I don’t feel like mentioning because let the past be in past.I just don’t want that feeling of longing to take over me because of writing about it.And I wouldn’t blame 2016, It is LIFE!

So that was some of thing I was thinking about near the stone with my eyes shut.I just wanted to live those moments a little.



Comment 3 words that describes your 2016 .

All the love,

Shaima A.R

Take care.


The piercing sun rays defeated the clouds.

I leaped out of the darkness

by crumpling my thoughts and pushing the avalanche of negativity rising over me.

No more tragedy.

That’s it.

Farewell buddy.

I have learnt a couple of stuffs..

To see the bright light in the dark.

The good in the bad

The positive in the negative

The deserve in the wants.

The reason in the event

And most importantly the love in the hate.


(PS I take Spanish classes sooo…..tryna show off a bit..But wait everyone knows Adios…duhh!.oops gotta try something better next time)

SEEYAAA Beautiful people..




SHAIMA A.R >>>>>>