Wandering across the scarred face of the earth we never pull this down.

With Acquaintances or loved ones,we wear the mask that switches itself.

For every situation ,we pick a mask to wear.

And show the world what not we are.

We hide behind these masks as though they are our shelter.

And treat them with so much attention.

Masks that frown,laugh and grin.

Masks that conceal stories and fears.

Masks that we wear to fit in.

Masks that we are forced to wear.

Sometimes these masks might take you far my dear

but not further than what your true self can.

So much we are engulfed  within these masks that at a point it gets to glued to our faces and stapled to our souls.

Finally these masks tragically overtake who we really are.


One thought on “Masks

  1. The mask motif is a commonly cited one, and you’ve written about it beautifully. Learning to rely on masks less is a lifelong challenge.

    Also, I hope you’re doing alright: I know this probably isn’t the best time to be in the US.


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