Nope! I did not perish.

Many of life’s tragedies start with happiness, joy, and ecstasy.

Morning does not show the day.

Well, maybe it did for you or them.

But not for everyone.

You might be one lucky person today completely elated from all of the blessings floating around you.Little did you know that it was just an examination.

Growing up I learned that if you laugh too much, you end up shedding tears.

It might sound stupid to many of you but I am talking about my own experiences.

See, I had really crazy and incredible days in my life and I am bound to be more than just satisfied with what I have now.I take everything as a blessing.Honestly, I try to see or make everything seem like a blessing so that I don’t abdicate and collapse somewhere down the road.

I want to make myself loud and crystal clear about this that I am not any random freak blogging here or just another depressed teen and her drama.

I am NORMAL.More than you could ever imagine.Let me assure you of that!

Here is my schedule:

School,study,eat,pray,sleep,Netflix,music.  >>>>Anything wrong with that? 🙂 NOPE.See…I am fine.

For the last couple of months until last week people have been asking me stuff like am I okay or not,”I have changed”,”my blog has become melancholic”,”and blah blah……??”.Look I really appreciate it.I do.Trust me.Thank you so much.But there is more to this entire life of mine than you think.Just because I am normal I don’t smile every damn second.I have emotions, I feel mad,bad, angry and whatever!

Anyway, let’s get to the positive part.

Here I am after a very long time.HIIIII!!!!

I cannot assure you guys if I will blog frequently again but do really miss it.

How are you guys? Hopefully good.

You know what?

Just remember…..Yep, my important points..I  used to include them at the end of all my posts…Seems like I have forgotten them myself when I needed them.

  • You are beautiful
  • Stay happy, not crappy
  • Think first! Then make good decisions in life.(new one)
  • The haters gonna hate but you gotta hold your chin high.


Love always,

Shaima A. Rahim ❤


One thought on “Nope! I did not perish.

  1. Hello Shaima, it’s great to see you posting again! I’m glad to hear that you’re doing alright. Life on my end has been a little crazy lately, but it’d be too hard to explain it all now! If you head over to my blog there’s a post on my front page that will fill you in.


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