An unusual taste for friends.

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I don’t really get this but I find it really humorous and puzzling at the same time.It all began from the time I started making friends.My first BFF was not from the country that I belong.If I dare start a friendship with someone from my country it turns out into a fight, or you should say something even worse!!like they start spreading unwanted rumours about you.Why so mean?I don’t really get it!I try my level best to make it last but it wont.It just wont. As if it shouldn’t .From a great fight to ‘I don’t even know you’ .LOL. Really makes me laugh to think of it.The more we try to get to know each other the more we begin to hate each other.So it’s just that I cannot be close friends with people from my country.

But when it comes to normal friendship like a Hi and a smile.Yeah.That has a good result.The worst part is when they call  for my help at times of need.I used to like it when they needed me during their difficulties.But now I find it to be even more than just bothersome!!

However when you look at my friend circle or  I should say my besties. We are all from different nationalities.And trust me this friendship really lasts.Because we are still closer than ever.If we happen to fight the entire class will come up to me and say I think its better you cool the fire down.But why me? Because I am not the one who starts the fight or is in the fight .It is mostly between the other members.And  most of my classmates find me to be very advising and understanding.So if you need any advises or stuck in a problem your welcome to ask.I can give it a try.Trust me.;)

I think this strange thing about my friendship and how it only lives if we are from different nationalities and ends up into nothing if we are from the same country … Has something to do with my personality.

Maybe my personality ,my character, attitude and everything else about me attracts or gets attracted to people not from my nation.To be honest I like it .I like having friends from different cultures and get to know their different lifestyles.At the same time I can  have a wide range of of ideas about the various countries that they belong to.

What is  more important than a single understanding friend???That is all I need and all anyone needs.

At the end I am ready to do anything for anyone.So stay close.:):)



Explore what’s interesting!!!


Imagine living a life on streets.No father.No mother.No family.Only stares that define disgust from people who happen to pass by.

This story “Cant get there from here” by Todd Strasser informs us about the lives of those abused,homeless and abandoned teens ,runaways and throw away kids.They believe that there is no hope.Streets are where they belong.All these kids form a tribe and together they shall stay for this is their only family.Together they fight the storm of hunger, pain ,ignorance and as days passed by danger seemed to be knocking at their door.

A catastrophe hits the tribe.The kids start facing tragic deaths……….some strangled,murdered,diseased…

Will at least a few kids survive the storm??Will anyone of the kids get a chance to adopt an ordinary happy life once gain???Will this devastating and deadly street life finally come to an end??………………or Is it too late????????

While you will be reading this book you are going to feel like you are spending few hours in the shoes of a homeless kid.As the harsh and unpleasant images are going to run across your mind , you are going to feel as if you are sharing  a character in this book.

So why not grab this book and learn more about their lives … the twist they are  going to face, the constant dangers and shocks…

who knows how you might end up feeling after reading this book.

Hello world!


This is my very first post ever and so I am quite excited.Most of my posts are mainly going to include storybook reviews.What’s more few of my selected moments….or at times entirely random things that I would like to open up with the world.To be honest something that I am really interested at that very moment!!!

So welcome!!!!!;)

And hope you guys are going to enjoy.